The Newest Fantasy Series Has Arrived...

Welcome to Eliantar, a feudal world filled with magic, fantastical creatures, towering castles and special powers gifted from the gods.

A world where being gay
is not only accepted, but expected.


Prince Prode Procer hardly had the ideal life. He’d struggled with his mother’s rejection as he grew up in his brother’s shadow. Then came the invasion of Eliantar by the fallen god, Skarsend, the Tyrant King. Worst of all, was discovering the possibility that he was not a real Elite, but a being born of magic. Still, following his brother’s death, he took on the mantle of King and continued.

However, when someone from his past arrives, now free from the prison of the Frozen Looking Glass, Prode’s sanity slips even further. Is he a real person and, if not, does someone born unnaturally have a destiny? As Prode prepares to take Eliantar’s fate into his own hands he must simultaneously deal with his dark past and the newly revealed prophecy of the Shadow Prince of Eliantar.

The Eliantar Series