And so…the beginning of the end.  Once Upon a Time the land of Eliantar existed quite happily for over two thousand years until everything changed…and there was no happily ever after.

The Shadow Prince of Eliantar



Prince Prode Procer hardly had the ideal life. He’d struggled with his mother’s rejection as he grew up in his brother’s shadow. Then came the invasion of Eliantar by the fallen god, Skarsend, the Tyrant King. Worst of all, was discovering the possibility that he was not a real Elite, but a being born of magic. Still, following his brother’s death, he took on the mantle of King and continued.

However, when someone from his past arrives, now free from the prison of the Frozen Looking Glass, Prode’s sanity slips even further. Is he a real person and, if not, does someone born unnaturally have a destiny? As Prode prepares to take Eliantar’s fate into his own hands he must simultaneously deal with his dark past and the newly revealed prophecy of the Shadow Prince of Eliantar.

The Frozen Looking Glass of Eliantar



Vale Procer should be hopeful. Though his kingdom is on the brink of destruction, Ara, the love of his life, has returned and saved both Vale and his brother from their five year imprisonment. Finding refuge and a growing rebellion in Ara's hometown, King Vale feels more confident and determined than ever to reclaim peace. He has joined Ara on his mission to save the remaining Ambassadors and destroy Skarsend, the Tyrant King, once and for all.

But all is not so straighforward in the world of Eliantar. Skarsend's heir apparent has turned a large portion of their world into an icy wasteland and rules it with a frozen fist as he ssearches for the mythical Frozen Looking Glass. In addition, a sinister group has risen from the pages of ancient times to disrupt not only Skarsend's rule, but the Uprising's plans for peace as well.

With new factions forming and uncertainty mounting on whom to trust, Vale must once again rely on Ara, the prophesied Hero, to help him save the future of the kingdom..

The Emerald Gates of Eliantar



Five years have passed since the events of the Woodland Tombs...


While the huntsman turned royal bodyguard, Ara Tataman and King Vale Procer were successful in stopping the necromancer witch and her horde of zombies, a greater threat had emerged.


Skarsend, the god of chaos and destruction, imprisoned long ago, has risen once more and plunged the world into darkness. A mysterious ally has hidden Ara five years in the future as a last resort to stop this new Tyrant King.

Awakening in a dangerous and twisted world, Ara must rescue King Vale in order to help him navigate this strange new Eliantar. On a quest through the darkest forests of Eliantar to rescue Vale's brother, the two quickly discover that Skarsend may not be the only malevolent force in the world. A visit from an old enemy warns that their true destiny and ultimate demise lie beyond The Emerald Gates.

The Woodland Tombs of Eliantar


Imagine a world where being gay is not only accepted but expected....

Welcome to Eliantar, a feudal world filled with magic, fantastical creatures, towering castles, and special powers gifted from the gods!  Filled with endless forests and crystal waters, Eliantar was designed to be a paradise.

But evil has found Eliantar.  The newly crowned Prince has narrowly survived assassination and a witch with the powers to raise the dead threatens the peaceful kingdom.  With his advisors conflicted, the Prince turns to the reclusive hunter Ara Tataman.

Ara reeling from a tragic past filled with dark memories, has chosen a life of solitude.  But when the handsome ruler of the entire world calls upon a lowly hunter, how can he say no?  Conflicted by his life of isolation and his growing feelings for the Prince, Ara finds himself thrust into a situation he had not prepared for.  Will Ara save Prince Vale and the kingdom of Eliantar from the necromancer or prove that he is not the hero that everyone thinks he is?  The stage is set in the Woodland Tombs, for the beginning of the end of Eliantar.